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Development Programs

Learn to Skate

The Pleasant Prairie Skating School offers classes designed by U.S. Figure Skating to promote skating at all levels.  Skaters will begin in our Basic Skills Program where they will be taught various skills and fundamentals based on their class placement. All of the coaches involved in the Basic Skills program are experienced and certified.  Class levels range from Snowplow Sam- Free Skate 6. 

Click here for complete program details about the Learn to Skate Program.

Learn to Play Hockey

Skating skills are  essential for a future hockey player.  RecPlex has development programs that provide a great starting point for anyone looking to learn how to skate.  Once skaters are comfortable in their hockey skates, have basic forward stride and stopping skills, then they are ready to consider joining a house program to start playing real hockey!

Click here for complete program details about the Learn to Play Program.


House League

After completing Hockey School, the next step in development is to join a house hockey team. Patriots Hockey is a house hockey organization based out of the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin. Each team meets for one practice a week, a skills session every other week, and games on the weekend. Each team will have a set of home games which are played at the RecPlex, and away games that will be played in Northern Illinois.

Vipers Travel Hockey

The Vipers Hockey Club is a tryout based travel hockey organization that practice and play out of both RinkSide in Gurnee Illinois and the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin. The Vipers are one of the fastest growing youth hockey organizations in Illinois with multiple competitive hockey teams at each age group. Vipers teams practice three or more days per week, attend weekly BTE sessions, games, and tournaments.


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